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Activist Lawyer offers a platform for lawyers to share their story and journey into law and activism. 

Activist Lawyer Book Club

We are delighted to announce the Activist Lawyer Book Club! Join us as we share our top ‘Activist Lawyer’ picks and listen in to our podcast as we interview some of our chosen authors about their work! 

The first book on our list is a true gem - Do Right and Fear No One: A Life Dedicated to Fighting for Justice by Leslie Thomas QC. We had the pleasure of hosting Leslie on our podcast, where we delved into his captivating book and shared his unparalleled experience as a barrister who dedicated his entire career to holding the State accountable and fighting for justice in some of the most harrowing and high-profile cases in Britain.  


‘Do Right and Fear No One’ is an intimate and personal record of some of the most significant and controversial legal cases of our time.  It unveils the very heart of the law enforcement and judicial process and is a must-read for anyone interested in law or interested in understanding the political and social climate impacting communities in 1970s/1980s England.  Leslie's coming of age story as a Black man in London is a powerful portrait of the lives of those he has fought for.


From the Deaths of Christi and Bobbi Shepard, the Grenfell Tower Inquiry to the Birmingham Pub Bombings, Do Right and Fear No One, shares one man’s incredible dedication to the marginalized and voiceless.  A truly inspiring read.


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