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Palestinians Call On The EU to Impose Sanctions Against Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Four Ministers of His Government

Updated: Mar 6

 On 12 February 2024, a group of Palestinian individuals from the West Bank represented by French Lawyer Ms. Sarah SAMEUR, submitted arequest to Mr. Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, calling for sanctions under the EU Sanctions Regime against members of the Israeli government, for their involvement in international crimes and serious human rightsviolations in the West Bank of which they have been and are currently victims.

This list includes the 5 following government officials: Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defence Mr. Yoav Gallant, Minister of Strategic Affairs Mr. Ron Dermer, Minister of National Security Mr. Itamar Ben-Gvir, and Minister of Finance Mr. Bezalel Smotrich.


Over the past 4 months, the atrocities committed by the Israeli Defence Forces in the Gaza Strip have overshadowed numerous other crimes in the West Bank. The complainants have been victims of a wide range of serious crimes and breaches of their fundamental rights including violentattacks against their persons and properties, arbitrary arrests, and detentions, torture and other inhumane treatments and forced transfers. These acts were perpetrated as part of a long-standing policy of illegal colonisation and an institutionalized practice of systematic attacks against the civilian population of the West Bank by successive Israeli governments, which constitute crimes against humanity within the meaning of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.


Given the significant roles these government officials have played in perpetrating these crimes in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, thecomplainants urge the EU to impose multiple sanctions eligible under the EU Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime, as the EU has already applied such sanctions against many ministers and high-ranking officials, in other contexts such as Syria, Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela.


For more information on this request for sanctions you can contact:

Mr. Johann SOUFI, International Legal Expert with DEMAIN | Cabinet d’Avocat – Email:

Ms. Sarah SAMEUR, Avocate à la Cour at DEMAIN | Cabinet d’Avocat – Email :


Below are extracts of the statements of these victims.


M.M, a member of the Colonization & Wall Resistance Commission: “By bringing this issue to the attention of the media, we seek to shed light on the systemic abuses against Palestinians and to call for accountability for the crimes perpetrated The international community must acknowledge the severity of these violations and the critical need for intervention to safeguard the rights and dignity of Palestinians”.

M.K.S, a Human rights activist defending Bedouin communities: “By publicizing our experiences, we aim to highlight the systemic violations and abuses against the Palestinian people”.

M.A.A, a Palestinian female journalist, who has been arbitrarily detained: “This initiative is not merely a personal quest for justice but a stand for all journalists and individuals who champion truth and transparency. By bringing my experience to public attention, I aim to shed light on the systemic violations against free speech and press freedom, calling on the international community to recognize and rectify these infringements”.

R.A.S, a businessman victim of arbitrary detention and torture: “My aspiration in taking this step is to contribute to creating a future where the rights and dignity of all people are acknowledged and safeguarded”.

A.A.R, an employee of the Colonization & Wall Resistance Commission, who has lost several members of his family, killed by Israeli soldiers during peaceful demonstrations: “This legal action is a vital move towards holding perpetrators accountable and advocating for justice for countless Palestinians affected by these harsh policies”.


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