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Activist Lawyer reflects back on 2022 with special interview with Jonathan McKeown

Northern Ireland’s leading legal podcast, Activist Lawyer, has just released its final episode of 2022, featuring Jonathan McKeown, CEO of JMK Solicitors and founder of Granite Exchange. Speaking to podcast host Sarah Henry, Jonathan reminiscences on his career journey, his experience in law and the idea that sparked the concept of Activist Lawyer.

Hosted by Sarah Henry, Director of Granite Immigration Services, Activist Lawyer has released 51 episodes and accumulated approximately 10,000 collective downloads this year. Since its launch, Activist Lawyer has grown in stature and the podcast is now well respected by legal professionals, human rights organisations and students alike, with listeners tuning in from across the UK, Ireland and further afield.

In this latest episode, Jonathan dives deep into his professional background, from studying aeronautical engineering and his year abroad in Alaska, to his career learnings and what brought him to his current roles (of which they are a few) today!

Commenting on the growth of Activist Lawyer this year, host Sarah Henry from Granite Immigration Law says: “I have really enjoyed the variety of guests and themes covered on the podcast to date and look forward to expanding on this next year. I appreciate all of our guests who have contributed by giving up their time to share their important work, the challenges that both they and their clients face as well as providing listeners with realistic and useful insights into their career journeys.

Discussing this episode of Activist Lawyer, Jonathan reveals some of his favourite episodes including Rosemary Connolly (episode 4), where she discusses post-Brexit employment issues; Phoenix Law’s Darragh Mackin (episode 5) and Owen Beattie, Founder of Owen Beattie & Co. Solicitors (episode 49).

Reflecting on the episodes of Activist Lawyer, Sarah Henry adds: “It was a pleasure interviewing all the guests and I have enjoyed every moment hosting this podcast.

“For me, each episode represented its own unique message, but if I had to pick one episode that really stood out, it is the recording with Jude Copeland, a solicitor with Cleaver Fulton Rankin, who is quite simply one of the most passionate and proactive lawyers I have encountered. Jude was so open around his journey into law and shared powerful legal stories reminding us about the importance of activism and how many people, who may not be well known, made significant changes to all of our lives through activism and invoking the law.”

All Activist Lawyer episodes are available to listen to for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and the Activist Lawyer website. For further information see

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