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An interview with leading human rights solicitor Kevin Winters.

If you haven’t listened to this episode of the Activist Lawyer podcast, we recommend that you do. In one of our most popular episodes to date, our podcast host Sarah Henry discusses the career of one of Northern Ireland’s most high profile human rights and criminal defence solicitors.

Kevin Winters of KRW Law in Belfast, has been at the cutting edge of niche criminal appeal work in Northern Ireland and further afield and was instructed in numerous high profile cases. His work on both historical abuse cases as well as ground-breaking litigation arising from the Troubles in Northern Ireland, is widely acknowledged on a global scale and challenges otherwise accepted narratives informed by decades of conflict, inquests and an ever-changing political climate across these islands over a number of decades.

Kevin talks about his entry into the legal world when he was apprenticed to human rights lawyer Patrick Finucane at the time of his murder in Belfast in 1989. Unphased, Kevin continued to work on extremely difficult but ground-breaking legal cases like the McCann and Others v UK shoot-to-kill ‘Death on the Rock’ inquests and the seminal case on the right to silence of Murray v UK.

Throughout this recording, Kevin importantly talks in detail about intimidation and harassment directed towards himself as well as his colleagues as they carry out their work in what continues to be, turbulent and emotionally charged times.

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